Here is what some of my recent clients had to say about their therapy with me…

Fear of flying client

I spoke to Anne about my IBS-D problem and she suggest cognitive Hypnotherapy, I trusted Anne completely so I said yes, I can’t remember how many sessions I had but it was incredible. One of my main problems was getting stressed when I had to leave the house to go in the car or travel, I would get worked up not knowing where there would be a toilet as when I need to go to the bathroom there was no waiting, so I would end up taking a lot off Imodium I think the most I took in one go was 8 which wasn’t good for me.

She started by teaching me to use a tool of my choice in my mind as most of my problems was when I was travelling mine was a gear stick, if t was in the car and stuck in traffic I would start to stress, so for me I would imagine my gear stick 5 was was my most stressed and I would slowly come down the gears till I was calm it might sound simple to do but it wasn’t Anne taught me the technique and I still use it today even though I no longer have IBS-D.

Anne also helped me with my fear of flying this time she got me to focus on something nice and choose a song to listen to, my choice was a beach holiday, when I travel I listen to my music and when I get worried I go to the beach, Anne was amazing at teaching me this technic, recently I was diagnosed with breast Cancer and had to have quiet a few biopsy’s I used this technique to help me stay calm I also used it while going through a lot of my treatments, if it hadn’t of been for Anne teaching me to do this technic to stay calm I think I would have found the whole 2 years of treatment a lot harder.

Anne is brilliant at what she does and is a great listener, my story is only a little of what she has done for me.


IBS/Anxiety client

I had a severe fear of flying for as long as I can remember, which stopped me travelling and enjoying my life. I contacted Anne and started my sessions. Even from the first session I really began to believe I could face my fear. After the third session I took my first flight for a very long time, using the techniques which Anne had taught me, it was so much easier than I imagined.

Thank you Anne, I now travel regularly after beating my fear of flying.

Anxiety client

I came to Anne with some severe anxiety issues that had grown to a point where I was unable to live a normal life, after the first session I found myself tackling things I would have never dreamed imaginable, I am now on my 4th session and am finding a new confidence that I have not had for years.

The experience with Anne has for me been truly life changing, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to put the work in to make changes to themselves, their habits, or who just wants to be comfortable in their own skin.


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